Augen starren durch PapierlochI was a victim for most of my life. I didn’t know any other way to be!

At a critical time in my youth, I was unjustly accused, judged and convicted by my grandfather. I lost my power and my freedom. And so, for most of my life, I blamed my family for my emotional issues; my grandfather for being verbally abusive, tyrannical, and insensitive; my mom for not standing up for me; and my father for abandoning me as a baby. I was unable to function as a grown woman, because I felt like a victim. I was stuck in the past, blaming others for my issues. I had severe asthma and a difficult marriage. Life was bleak.

Blaming others kept me stuck in a holding pattern, without any power to change my reality.

I never knew I could change what I thought and how I perceived my life. Who knew? I just accepted that things had happened and that’s the way things were. The idea that I could shift my thoughts, forgive the past and take responsibility for myself in the moment was totally beyond my grasp.

Yet once I recognized I had a choice, my life transformed. I realized that I no longer needed to blame others or hold them accountable. Remaining stuck in my past only kept me shackled to the past, chained to the people I blamed. I made my choice to align with Spirit, and with Love.

When you take responsibility for your life, you are LIVING your life. Things aren’t happening to you. You recognize they always happen for you and when you understand this, you begin to see that everything in life is a gift.

If you want to move forward, get help if you can’t do it yourself and release all the emotions that are associated with it. Learn what you can from the experience and move on with your life because if you don’t, you will to be thinking of yourself as a victim and you’re going to be stuck.

When life deals you a bad hand, do you feel like a victim and blame others, fate or God for your situation? Or, do you know that no matter what happens, you’re going to make it? Are you somewhere in between?


This was an exerpt from my upcoming book. I hope you find it helpful… Want to to stay in touch with me? Go to to download my FREE Guide, “7 Steps to Get Unstuck and Unlock Your Joy.”

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