GratitudeAs I contemplate this week of a patriotic holiday, I am overwhelmed with all I have to be grateful for.

While it’s true, there are some tough things going on in both our country and the world right now, there’s still so much that is good, that I’m spending quite a bit of time this week in gratitude.

The Law of Attraction reminds us to place our focus on what we would like to amplify.

I feel blessed that I live in a country where I can freely move about, work and vote.

I feel blessed that I can dream big things and then go after them, rather than feeling as if there is no way out of my current circumstances.

I feel blessed I live in a country where I can read, write and get any kind of education or job that I’m brave enough and determined enough to go after.

I feel blessed I have certain rights and that we have laws that uphold those rights.

America is resplendent with things to be grateful for, that we too often take for granted.

My country is not perfect. It would take perfect people to create perfection and none of us is perfect!  (except in our imperfections!)

However it is a place where I believe, at the end of the day, people still have hope that they have a say in their circumstances and that they have a great deal of control over their destiny.


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