Gratitude and JoyI’ve found that you can create reality a number of ways. You can step out of the equation and do nothing, you can use the Law of Attraction, or you can use the Law of Allowing, Co-Creating with Spirit, and letting yourself be guided by Spirit and your Inner Purpose. The Law of Attraction is popular now, but I knew nothing about it when people showed up on my door step and handed me money to create note cards, or when a car appeared when I needed a new one.

Although the old station wagon I was driving had holes in the floorboards, I wasn’t concerned. I was aligned with Spirit and I trusted that God (the Universe/ Spirit) had the perfect vehicle for me, which, showed up without my looking for it, within two weeks. Due to a strange set of circumstances, I purchased it without even a test drive, yet it was a fabulous car.

Co-Creating from a state of surrender with Spirit, springs from a higher dimension than attempting to manifest things yourself, and since Spirit has a greater vantage point, things tend to work out better than expected.

When The Law of Attraction became popular, I was confused by all the hoopla. I had already experienced the benefits of surrendering to a higher Law.

The Law of Attraction works for you when you are in vibrational alignment with the object of your desire. Just as birds of a feather flock together, vibrational matches align with each other, as long as there are no energetic impediments to the manifestation process, such as limiting beliefs or energetic blockages.

Ultimately I find that you will get your best results by being aligned with your inner Self and co-creating with Spirit.

Why? Because this process takes you into a state of recognizing that you are pure Spirit. Since you are created in the image of your Creator, Who is Pure Thought, you are absolutely grand and magnificent. When you are in that amazing state of being bigger than the universe and all the universes, not just our universe, that’s how big you really are. In that state, you’re aligned with Spirit. You are not attached to outcomes, nor are you focused and driven to solve problems. You’re in a state of allowing, where it would be really nice for specific things and events to occur, but you’re not attached or addicted to the results.

When you are addicted to something happening, or so attached to it you can’t let go, it won’t happen. It just can’t. Think of the women who can’t get pregnant until they adopt a baby. Then they often find themselves pregnant within a year of the adoption!

Here’s my gift to you today… My “Bigger Than The Universe” Meditation from my Power of Joy Program… Enjoy! (Link is below)

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Link to a meditation: You Are Bigger than The Universe:…
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