Happy womanWhat are you most excited about for the coming year?


This is the time of year when most people make plans, dream big and start thinking about how they can strategically make things happen.  You may have noticed that “making things happen” seems really easy for some people, while for others, it’s more grueling.  What’s the secret to making it easy?  Being in alignment.


When you’re looking to create the kind of life you want, it’s critical that you are doing whatever is most aligned with your deepest core values.  When what you’re doing isn’t what you most want or in sync with what’s important to you, you are out of alignment and that’s when things get difficult.


Your highest self is an intuitive genius that always has the answers and always knows what is best for you.  That’s why staying in alignment, with your head and heart connected, is so necessary to creating a life that feels magical and joyful.


Take some time today to get quiet and still and ask yourself the questions you feel need answers.  The answers are there if you’ll allow yourself the space to hear them.


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