Happy Lady RunningHave you heard this quote, attributed to Oprah?  “Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different.”

One of the reasons this is such a powerful quote is that it underscores the fact that all things happen in divine order.

It doesn’t mean that everything that happens to you is good but it does mean that everything that happens to you is what you needed to become the person you’re meant to be.

When you start to embrace this way of thinking, it makes forgiving other people easier and allows you to look at your life through a more positive lens.

There are always lessons in every situation. When you look back on the things you may have labeled “bad” at the time, you may now realize that many of them were blessings in disguise.

The Universe has and always will be, conspiring for you and in your favor.

Things happened as they should in order for you to move through the world in a specific way and that will ultimately, if you choose this path, bring joy to others when you share the wisdom and experience of your story.

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