The Power of Joy

The Power of Joy

The Missing Link To True Joy And Happiness In Your Life

From the desk of: MarBeth Dunn, The Joy Strategist

To: Anyone looking to be authentically joyful, permanently and effortlessly

Dear friend,

hand_butterflyI want you to relax and imagine walking through a lush, dense forest.

As you walk down a path surrounded by impossibly green trees and shrubs, you notice a radiantly blue butterfly gliding through the air in front of your eyes.

You stop in an instant as the butterfly pulls you into a hypnotic gaze. Second by second, the butterfly flaps its wings while shimmering rays of sunshine dance on its wings.

At this moment, nothing else matters. You’re perfectly present and your mind is at ease. Wisps of wind gently massage your cheeks as you feel the warmth of the sun making its way across your body.

Your breath softens. Your heart slows. Peace, joy and tranquility fill your entire being as the butterfly slowly floats behind a tree and out of your line of sight.

Let me ask you: As you read the above paragraphs, how did it make you feel?

  • Did you feel a sense of peace gently fill you like a slow rolling wave?
  • Did joy fill your heart?
  • Did you temporarily forget about all your worries and notice the perfectly natural and happy state you fell into?

The feeling you felt as you read the short story above is exactly how you’re naturally supposed to feel… all the time… without effort.

Hi, my name is MarBeth Dunn and my job is making people happy. In fact I’ve been given the nickname and title called “The Joy Strategist”.

As you’ll read in a minute, that’s the perfect description of what I do.

But before we get into that, I want you to know something. I want you to know that even though I live every day of my life in a state of joy and bliss…

My Earlier Years Weren’t

As Joy-Filled And Blissful As They Are Today…

You see, growing up I witnessed shocking amounts of mental and physical abuse from those around me. I internalized all the negative aspects of life I saw and quickly became addicted to victimhood.

I went through life always thinking bad things were going to happen to me, and they did. I was never happy. I hated my life. It brings me to tears just thinking about how unhappy I was back then.

The worst part was, very few people really “knew” how unhappy I was. I buried the emotions, trapping them inside myself like an active volcano about to erupt.

Eventually I hit rock-bottom.

I woke up one day and said to myself…

“Enough Is Enough!”

I made a promise to myself that instead of living life as a victim, I was determined to see what I could do about it.

That was over 25 years ago.

Since then, I’ve…

  • Gotten a masters in education
  • Became a spiritual teacher and have been teaching “A Course in Miracles” ever since
  • Blended my mastery of energy and consciousness shifting modalities into a unique and highly effective methodology

Not only that, I’ve also spent decades perfecting my skills in showing other people how to be happy by becoming certified in various areas, including…

Matrix Energetics practitioner

  • Kundalini Yoga instructor
  • Reiki Master
  • Empowerment Trainer

And if that wasn’t enough, I’ve also studied Qigong with some of the worlds leading experts, plus mastered several advanced energy and consciousness shifting modalities.

But what’s most impressive is this.

In The Past 8 Years Alone… I’ve Personally Worked With Over 1,518 Students Through Seminars And One-On-One Consultations!


My students come to me for a variety of reasons.

Mostly, they want me to help them get over losses in their life or other negative life events which are holding them back from their true magnificent selves, such as…

Getting over the loss of a loved one

  • Blocking unwanted negative energy
  • Freeing them from childhood belief systems causing them damage as an adult
  • Unlocking them from the burdens of childhood abuse
  • Dozens of other “hidden losses” such as not living up to your parents standards, not being able to say goodbye to someone before they passed away, gaining weight as you age, and many others!

These losses in your life build up, one by one.

Uncovering and HEALING the damage caused by these hidden losses in your life is the missing link to true, lasting joy and happiness in your life.

At first they might

not seem like they’re harming you. However as they build up, they form a cumulative effect and begin to show negative side effects in your life.

Side effects such as mood swings, weight gain, nervousness, anxiety, stress, depression, or simply not feeling satisfied with your life.

Throughout my career, I’ve been showing people how to unblock the negative energy and emotions causing them grief… sadness… victim mentality… and the sense of too much weight on your shoulders… and replace them with emotions of joy, bliss and love.

However, I discovered a major problem.

You see, I love my clients. Watching someone go from depressed and anxious to permanently joyful and free is an amazing experience.

The problem is, working one-on-one with clients doesn’t allow me to help enough people.

Recently I decided to take all of my experience I’ve built up over the past 25 years and turn it into a step-by-step course which allows you to experience TRUE, lasting joy in your life.

Introducing: The Power Of Joy


This course is a step-by-step approach designed to help you remove the negative emotions caused by loss in your life and in turn create a joy-filled life.

The kind of life where you wake up each day refreshed, invigorated and excited to go about your day… feeling blissful, relaxed and serene in each moment.

It takes what I’ve learned from over 25 years being a spiritual teacher, 18 years being a facilitator, and 8 years helping my private clients attain lasting joy and happiness in their life… put into an easy to follow course that will take you from where you are now to exactly how you want to think and feel in your daily life.

More specifically, it includes an audio mp3 set segmented into 4 different modules (more on this in a second), plus a workbook to help you get the most benefit out of the program.

Here’s what’s included in the program…

Module #1: Clearing The Causes

  • How hurts and losses keep you stuck in unproductive patterns which put you down the downward spiral of more pain, more loss, prosperity blocks and anxiety!
  • How forgiveness releases the past, including negative emotional baggage which is keeping you from reaching your true magnificent self…
  • Powerful visualizations & exercises to access your heart space, release the past and to forgive others and yourself… clearing the way for joy!

Module #2: Clearing the Causes (Part 2)

  • How your perceptual lenses and limiting beliefs hold you back from the joyful life you were meant to live!
  • An amazing, powerful exercise which clears your negative, limiting beliefs quickly and easily.
  • A simple, fun exercise which supercharges your positive affirmations and inspirations…
  • Why other people’s negative emotions can be latching onto you, sucking you down with them… and how to release that negative energy to free yourself from others tight holds on you…
  • Clear your space – Simple techniques to erradicate the old, stale and negative energy… safely and quickly

Module #3: Connecting with your Angels

  • A detailed explanation of angels and archangels… and how you can borrow their amazing abilities to help guide your life to your fullest potential… (PLUS: Easy techniques for connecting with these “helpers” on a deep level!
  • My “Breath of Fire” Kundalini Yoga exercise which elevates your vibrational life force energy on autopilot…
  • My Angel Meditation technique which allows you access to your heart space, and connect you with your angels)… this technique is so powerful I recommend doing it as often as possible!

Module #4: Strategies, Tactics, Exercises and Meditations To Create More Joy

How to perform Alternate Nostril Breathing (a Kundalini Yoga exercise)

  • How to distinguish your two voices (one is for love, one for fear) and use them to your advantage to overcome fears… bring in more love… and enjoy life more!
  • Simple techniques for “thinking yourself joyful” – These thought-changing techniques are easy, work quickly and dramatically shift your thinking
  • How To Create your Day for maximized daily joy, happiness and prosperity… this simple exercise has changed the lives of thousands!
  • How to use appreciation as a strategy to raise your vibration and align with Source energy, develop more insight, and connect with your heart…
  • My little-known “Joy Ride” meditation which allows you to experience joy virtually on command!

This is not your typical joyness book or audio program which gives you general, vague theory which you can’t apply. And it isn’t a single method for overcoming the negatives aspects of your life and turning them into joy.

Instead I’ll show you how to automatically and effortlessly become more joyful on a permanent basis through…


The workbook you’ll receive contains many exercises I’ve personally developed to show you why you already are happy and joyful at your core. They’ll release the negative energy blocking your joy, letting the experience of joy and bliss come forward and finally show themselves!

Kundalini Yoga Breath Work

Breathing correctly is a little-known yet incredibly powerful tool for digging through the mental and emotional clutter holding you back from your potential happiness. These breathing exercises are fun, unique, and work incredibly well.


I’ll guide you through the unique and innovative visualization exercises I’ve been developing and perfecting for the past 25 years. These help push out unwanted energy and attract the positive, joyful energy needed to become happier and more vibrant in your life.


woman-meditating-bubbleMeditation is one of the most powerful exercises ever discovered by man for becoming happier and more grounded. You’ll be taken through my proprietary meditations to achieve the happiness you’re looking for.


You’ll get access to some of the most powerful and uplifting mantras I’ve ever discovered through working with thousands of private clients. These are time-tested and proven favorites among my clients… and will be for you too!


Declarations send out waves of intent to the universe and allow your intention to effortlessly manifest in your life. I’ll show you the most powerful and fastest working declarations you can use for greater happiness and joy.

Quickly Get Rid Of The “Baggage”

And Fill Yourself With Pure Bliss!
One of the reasons my private clients bond with me so well is because I’ve been there. I understand the hurt and torment you’re going through. The sense of impending doom and the weight on your shoulders due to the baggage you’ve been unwillingly carrying through life.

When you begin this program, you’ll actually feel your negative emotions leaving your body as positive, pure love energy fills you as easily and naturally as water filling a glass.

You’ll learn how to move through your “stuff” easily and remove the veils of hurt and pain you’ve been burdened with.

And what happens when the negative emotional baggage is removed?

As joy begins to fill you, you’ll quickly see how you…

  • Step out of victimhood and into a place of self-responsibility – Living life this way is the ultimate freedom.
  • Become a co-creator of abundance in your life – Abundance follows orders. As you begin to learn intention you can begin to “order” abundance to attract to you like a powerful magnet.
  • Align with Source to become your true, perfect self – At the core, we are all perfect in every way. As you begin to go through the exercises you’ll become closer to “source” (which has many different names) and see how perfect you truly are.
  • Powerful shift in perceptions and perspectives – One of the most profound experiences my students go through is a shift in the way they think. What they used to be “addicted to” (such as drama), suddenly becomes unbearable. Opportunities for abundance become to come out of nowhere. Chances to increase joy show up unexpectedly. It’s almost as if you’ve started life over with a clean slate!
  • Experience an easy flow of energy in relationships, abundance career and in time as you enjoy greater authenticity, appreciation, balance, inner guidance, health, love, positive self image, trust, wealth, grace, joy and self esteem.

Remember, at our core we are ALL happy. Have you ever seen the smile of a young child? If you have, you know that that smile is pure joy. That’s the type of joy you can experience too once you release the baggage.

But joy isn’t all you’ll notice shifting in your life. Releasing your negative baggage and filling yourself with pure joy and love will send waves of paradigm shifts to occur through your entire life. You can typically expect to experience…

  • Making healthier choices automatically…
  • Money flowing in abundance, many times without effort…
  • Higher consciousness levels
  • Confidence to soar through the roof
  • Looking and feeling sexier and more attractive
  • Less mental conflicts and anguish in everyday activities
  • Feeling the sense of “lightness” in how you feel
  • Being satisfied and completely happy with your life (even when things go wrong)
  • Radiating a sense of instant friendliness and persuasion to others

… and so much more!

However, I Have To Make A Confession…

You see, it’s one thing to read about your new life and get excited about it.

It’s quite another to actually EXPERIENCE going through this life-changing event and really live it.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to put into words what it really feels like. It’s like having a baby for the first time or getting married. It’s simply impossible to describe your emotions and experience until you actually go through it.

However… one of my students, Jeremy, described it like this.

“I was always a pretty happy person, but had some negative baggage I could feel weighing me down. I was more tired than I should be… gaining weight because of emotional eating… and started becoming unproductive in work.

As I began doing the exercises, I noticed a heavy feeling in my stomach and chest, which is where I tend to hold my emotions. The feeling got heavier and heavier, as if the negative emotions had actual weight to them.

Then, I released it.

All of that pressure and baggage instantly vanished and my body felt as light as a feather. I’m not exaggerating. I literally felt as if I weighed almost nothing… and a smile came over me so big and broad you could fit a truck through it. For the next 20 minutes or so, I literally couldn’t stop smiling. It was the single best experience I’ve ever had in my life.

Since then, that feeling has stayed with me. I regularly get an overwhelming feeling of love and joy as I’m out in nature. My business quadrupled that year and has continued growing ever since. I recently moved into the house of my dreams. And the best part is… I’m nearly always happy. Even when things go bad I’ve discovered how to feel negative for a short amount of time and quickly become happy again, at will.

The funny part is, I only “half” believed in this energy stuff until I actually went through it and experienced it for myself!

My question to you is this.

woman-mountainsIf you could make your negative emotions simply vanish by overcoming and accepting loss in your life, and live every day filled with joy… abundance… happiness and attracting nearly anything you want in life…

What Would That Be Worth To You?

This course is filled with powerful information which I’ve tweaked and tested over the past 25 years to finally put together what I believe to be the perfect step-by-step system for overcoming your negative baggage and living a life filled with joy.

And while I know the actual “value” of living a joy-filled life can be put into the millions, I obviously could never ask you to invest that much.

Plus, I want to help as many people as possible. And since I don’t have to take up my time to work with you one-on-one, I’m glad to give you a discount so you can achieve the same results as my clients, groups and seminar attendees get, without paying extraordinary fees.

AND, for a very short time…

You Can Get Access

For 63% Off The Original Price!

My “job” is making people happy. Literally 🙂

That’s why as a special offer, I’ve decided to give you full, instant access to this entire for course for just $147. You’ll get instant downloadable access directly after the checkout process.

It’s my way of thanking you for listening to all the great speakers you’ve heard from already, and taking time of out of your day to realize how truly important JOY is in your life.

And don’t worry, there is zero risk involved with this. I understand times are tough right now and I want to give you the chance to experience true joy without risking a penny.

That’s why you’ll also get…

My 100% Money-Back

No-Questions-Asked Guarantee
guaranteeI don’t know about you, but I’ve bought a lot of products in the past which were terrible and did nothing to help improve my life. Since I don’t like wasting money, and I know you don’t either, I’ve decided to let you test-drive my Power Of Joy course for 30 days before making up your mind.

Here’s how it works.

Invest in The Power Of Joy course today for 50% off the original price. Then, try it out for 30 days. Go through the exercises… listen to the audios and FEEL the difference.

Discover how wonderful it is to experience true joy. Go through the process of releasing your negative energy and feel how truly awe-inspiring it is to wake up, go about your day, and go to bed… in ecstasy and bliss.

If you don’t feel a real, true difference in your happiness levels within the first 30 days, all you have to do is send me a quick email and tell me the course isn’t right for you. You’ll get a full, 100% refund. No questions asked.

It’s as simple as that!

Get It Today For Just $397 $197!


The Top Five Reasons To Invest In

The Power Of Joy Program Today

Reason #1: Be More Happy! – Joy is the most powerful emotion on Earth. Think about the days when you were happiest. You got more work done, made better personal connections, had clearer thinking, were more motivated, and simply enjoyed your day more. I’ll show you how to feel like that every single day, even when things go wrong!

Reason #2: Clear Your Negative Baggage – One of the most profound experiences you’ll ever go through is “clearing your clutter”. As you clear out the emotional garbage you’re holding inside you, you’ll begin to notice all of your current roadblocks simply disappearing and new opportunities will begin to appear out of nowhere!

Reason #3: It Lasts A Lifetime – This is the program that keeps on giving. Every single day you waste is another day gone down the drain. Once you develop the skills to clear your negative energy and live a joy-filled life, you’ll have them forever. Why go through another miserable, depressed day when you can live in bliss and harmony?

Reason #4: It’s Temporarily 63% Off – I’m normally going to charge $397 to everyone else who wants this program. However, I’ve decided to practically give it away at just $147. That’s 63% off the original price.

Reason #5: It’s Risk-Free – I’m letting you test-drive this program for 30 days before making a decision. If it’s not for you, just shoot me an email and you’ll get a 100% refund on the product. Plus, you can keep it, FREE! I know some people are going to blatantly rip me off but I’m counting on your honesty that you’ll give it a fair try before deciding if it’s right for you.

Get It Today For Just $397 $197!

I’ve done everything in my power to make this something you couldn’t live without. Now it’s up to you to make a decision.

Would you rather live exactly as you are now, with negative emotional baggage weighing you down and keeping you from achieving your true potential?

Or would you rather learn the insiders secrets I’ve discovered over the past 25 years to everlasting, pure joy in your life?

Remember… experiencing joy is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you get to a state of joy, all kinds of wonderful emotions, experiences and opportunities will suddenly manifest for you.

If you would like to experience living a life without being shackled to your emotions, simply click the Add To Cart button on this page.

Either way, I wish you a very happy and joy-filled life and thank you for listening to my on the telesummit and reading this page!

With love,

MarBeth Dunn

The Joy Strategist

Get It Today For Just $397 $197!


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