The Longest Journey from the Head to the Heart

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It’s our light not our darkness that most frightens us.” – Marianne Williamson

Have you ever wondered what this popular quote really means?  In one sense it could be restated as, “Our head cannot take us where our heart wants to go.”

Have you experienced the longest journey personally; the one from your head to your heart? The head, or more accurately, the mind, has powerful rationalization abilities.  Your head will tell you it’s not safe, whereas your heart will tell you to just try.  Your head will tell you that this career makes more sense, your heart will tell you the career that makes the most “sense” is the one in which you’ll be happy. Your head will tell you why you should trust someone, yet your heart may tell you they’re not right for you.

When you make head based decisions as opposed to heart based decisions, you usually pick the safe route not necessarily the right route.  And that’s a real shame.  Your decisions may not be popular or look the best on paper but your greatness lies in being your most powerful and authentic self and that is something only your heart knows.

How to make heart-base decisions…

  • Sit quietly and place your hand over your heart.
  • Bring your awareness into the warmth under your hand.
  • Breathe love into your heart space for a few moments
  • Ask your question and notice how it feels.
  • Does it feel good? Or does it feel uncomfortable?
  • Therein lies you answer, and you can trust it.
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