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Marbeth Dunn

Known as the Miracle Mama and the TV Happiness Coach, MarBeth Dunn has a huge mission; to bring joy and happiness to millions.

Executive Producer and Host of Having it All Radio, MarBeth is an empath and intuitive, who can accurately pinpoint the hidden issues preventing you from living the possibility filled life you richly deserve. She has developed a powerful system that facilitates miracles, empowering you to access prosperity and success quickly and easily.

MarBeth is the co-author of international Best Seller “Start Right Marketing” and Best Seller, ” Conversations That Make a Difference” She is the former host of Having it All with MarBeth on the Law of Attraction Radio Network, and Founder and past President of the Miami Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

Her inspiring work has been featured on several television networks, including FOX, NBC, CBS, and WEYW 19, Key West.

Topics for Presentation

5 Steps to Clarity, Happiness and Emotional Freedom

  • Do you feel stuck, like something is blocking your success… keeping you from moving forward in your relationships, finances, career and/or your health?
  • Are sadness, regret or guilt coloring your life?
  • Do you want more clarity and joy?

MarBeth-NIHThe self help industry is filled with hype and conflicting information that can mislead what you should be doing to release your emotions, access your Inner Wisdom, get unstuck and unleash your joy and clarity. There is so much information out there, how can you know what is best for you? Is it necessary to explore the past and all those messy emotions to get free? And how can you move forward and access your Happiness and Abundance simply and easily?

Discover the 5 Steps to Clarity, Happiness and Emotional Freedom:

  • What’s holding you back? (The answers may surprise you!)
  • How to bypass resistance
  • Your body’s been talking. (Have you been listening?)
  • What part do your Beliefs play in your success?
  • How your 6th Sense can lead you to your Dream Life
  • Put it all together it spells FREEDOM!

Your Bullet Express to Success

Discover Your Step-by-Step Roadmap to Building Wealth

Discover a unique, unorthodox, and proven blueprint, and the success building tools to create success and wealth in less time with less stress. You will discover what it takes to access your inner strength, and Inner Wisdom to live successfully in a constantly changing world. You will learn strategies to increase your income and begin to achieve your desires.

Learn how to harness your Inner Guidance System, Body Wisdom, and the Power of the Universe to grow your business with ease and grace.

Discover wealth building strategies that create your income from the inside out, with less effort.

Learn How To:

  • Uncover Strategies to release the self – limiting beliefs holding you back
  • Align your work with your Inner Purpose so that you live your passion
  • Use Quantum tools to establish a new RELATIONSHIP with Success and Wealth
  • Use Universal Laws to bring your dreams to fruition
  • Release resistance, procrastination and impediments to success through proven Energy techniques.
    And more!

More Powerful Than You Ever Imagined!

Discover the amazing power of your Femininity

And how you can use it to change your world!

The pendulum is finally swinging the other way after thousands of years of masculine rule. Today, Feminine Energy is leading the way to a new paradigm. In this powerful presentation MarBeth will share with you what your unique feminine energy is, and how to use it to create your Paradigm Shift.

Women have been confused for years about what Feminine Power is and what it is not, with very good reason. The Women’s Liberation activists back in the 60’s thought Feminine Power was about competing with men. This created the misperception that Feminine Power means strident, forceful women. These women did, in fact, change our western society. However, they used masculine energy, rather than feminine energy to achieve more equality. Thus issue of femininity became further clouded and confused.

In this visual and interactive presentation you will finally understand where your true power lies as a woman, and how to align with it, and harness it to change your world.

  • Why you need to tap into your Feminine Power
  • Specific Exercises to tap into your own, unique resplendence of femininity
  • How to use your Body Wisdom to align with your Feminine Power
  • How to be authentically you and what that means
  • How being your authentic Feminine Self makes you sexy and alluring to men
  • How to balance your Feminine and Masculine energies
  • How your emotions and Feelings can guide you
  • and much more!

What’s holding you back from living your dream life?

Are you feeling unbalanced because work dominates your life? Do you hesitate to take risks because of a past event? Do you have a deep sadness that never goes away? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you may be experiencing the effects of Hidden Loss. Join MarBeth Dunn to learn how to recognize your Hidden Losses and how they can adversely affect your relationships, finances, self-image, career, and more. Learn how you can shift your perspective and move into a new paradigm.


In her work as a mentor, teacher and speaker, MarBeth Dunn draws heavily on her personal experience and mastery of powerful energy and consciousness-shifting modalities. Additionally, she is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, certified Empowerment Trainer, and Ordained Minister.  MarBeth has been teaching the powerful lessons of A Course in Miracles for over twenty-five years. Her volunteer work at Safe Space, a shelter for victims of domestic violence,  resulted in boundless success for many disenfranchised women.



“MarBeth is a wonderful intuitive!  The way she creates energy and space in a room is a treat to behold.  …MarBeth transforms loss into a marvelous synergy of transformational balance that allows one to move through pain to a better place than they ever thought possible.  MarBeth Dunn is a true gift to the world…”

-Dave Albano, Breakthrough Artist in Lifestyle Design, fulllifepotential.net

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