JTA Module 4 – The Joy Strategy

The JOY Strategy

  •         What is Joy anyway?
  •         Slow down
  •         Identify
  •         Feel
  •         Release
  •         Don’t judge
  •         Trust
  •         Replenish
  •         Appreciation
  •         Service

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Click Here to access Khalil Gibran’s poem on Joy and Sorrow

Homework: Ask 10 open ended questions/statements every day this week…  about how you would like things to be.

For example: “Wouldn’t it be nice if I felt really happy and peaceful today no matter what happens?”

“What if I could find some time to take care of myself today? What would that look like”

Keep a journal of what happens. Don’t judge anything. Just notice!



Power of Joy Program (& Manual)
The Easy Way to Create Your New Reality your-new-reality-cd

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