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Mindfulness can bring you into the present moment, your pivotal point of power, so you can gain greater perspective to create positive change.

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About MarBeth

MarBeth Dunn is a Master Energy Intuitive and an international speaker on the topics of world peace, inner peace, and meditation. A spiritual teacher for over 35 years, MarBeth mentors highly sensitive, empathic women to manage your energy, and release stress. MarBeth Dunn is a founder and Director of Ten Million for World Peace, Inc. According to MarketWatch, “Renowned Meditation Expert MarBeth Dunn, with her nearly 40 years of experience teaching meditation, peace, and miracles, has demonstrated the power of meditation and unified consciousness to reduce violence in many parts of the globe.” MarBeth is the award-winning creator of the World Miracle Peace Experiment, which correlated with a 20% drop in Middle East violence in 2018. Her inspiring work has been featured on FOX, NBC, CBS, and The CW.


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