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Welcome to New Beginnings!

Prework for Class #1

New_Beginnings_Lesson #1

New Beginnings lesson #2


Bonus Pre-Class Content


The Causes

The_Power_of_Joy_Workbook (through “My Dream Life”)


Week #1 February 18th

Click Here for the Khalil Gibran poem on Self Knowledge from The Prophet


                     Meditation for a Calm Heart Video

Click Here to access the Power of Joy home study program

Power of Joy Module #1:  Forgiveness

Forgiveness Part 1 – Your Immense Self

The_Power_of_Joy_Workbook  Part I (through “My Dream Life”)

New Beginnings Recording Class 1


Week #2 

Forgiveness Part 2 – Healing the Past



1 – Make a list of grievances you are holding about other people

2- Make a list of grievances you have about yourself

3- Take a few minutes and release one of each every day.  Notice what feelings and emotions come up for you.  No judgment!


MarBeth’s easy Meridian Tapping Technique

Week #3 

Limiting Beliefs – Your Perceptual Lenses

Week 3 Class Recording:


Module 2 Audio Files

#1 – Your Perceptual Lenses

#2 – Clearing those Pesky Limiting Beliefs

#3 – Creating Your Joy

The Power of Joy Workbook   Pages 10 through 15


Week #4 


#4 – It’s Not Your Stuff

#5 – Releasing Energy Baggage

#6 – Clear Your Space

The Power of Joy Workbook   Pages 16 through 18

Exercises from Esther Hicks

Alex Gray Paintings:

Psychic Energy System

Week 4 Recording:


Week #5 

The Chakra diagram

Understanding the Chakras

Chakra breathing

Week 5 Recording



Week #6 

New Beginnings Class 6


Week #7 

New Beginnings Class 7


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