Private Client: Karen Eusebio

Welcome Karen!

Prework for Class #1

New_Beginnings_Lesson #1

New Beginnings lesson #2


Bonus Pre-Class Content


The Causes

The_Power_of_Joy_Workbook (through “My Dream Life”)


Week #1

Call Recording with Karen_Eusebio

Click Here for the Khalil Gibran poem on Self Knowledge from The Prophet


                     Meditation for a Calm Heart Video

Click Here to access the Power of Joy home study program

Power of Joy Module #1:  Forgiveness

Forgiveness Part 1 – Your Immense Self

The_Power_of_Joy_Workbook  Part I (through “My Dream Life”)

New Beginnings Recording Class 1


1 – Make a list of grievances you are holding about other people

2- Make a list of grievances you have about yourself

3- Take a few minutes and release one of each every day.  Notice what feelings and emotions come up for you.  No judgment!


Week #2

Forgiveness Part 2 – Healing the Past




MarBeth’s easy Meridian Tapping Technique

Week #3

Listen to the replay here:


Breathing exercises:  Breath of fire and long deep breathing

Breathing Exercises

A Simple Breath Meditation

There is a module on connecting with your angels in the Power of Joy program!

This is just a little added info on the Ida and Pingala and other Nadis…


Week #4

Listen to the replay here:


We worked with the quantum field, moving forward and backward in time, through intention, and through feeling where the incident is, and collapsing it.

We worked with relationships, clearing the energetic field between them and making them “Holy”.

Week #5


Week #6




Bonus #1


Bonus #2


Remember to cut the cords, Karen, and set your boundaries!



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