Your Miracle Mastermind Program

 Attention Stuck and Frustrated Wealth Seekers…


Are You Tired of Being Stuck?

Are You Finally Ready to Move Forward?

Would You Like to Attract Miracles Daily?


Have you ever found yourself caught in a difficult life transition… a career change, a relationship upheaval, a health issue, or spiritual concern? You know you should be grateful for everything you have, yet you still feel disappointed and discouraged.


Do you want increased abundance in every area of your life?


Does this resonate with you?

  • I know I’m capable of so much more so why won’t I do something about it?
  • I’m tired of seeing everyone else get what they want and I wonder when it will be my turn.
  • I keep investing in myself and my business but nothing changes and I’m just so frustrated.
  • I thought I would be farther along than this and am wondering if I really have what it takes.
  • Sometimes I think that a truly great life is only for other people – the really lucky ones.


If any of the above statements sound like you…

You are in the RIGHT PLACE!


You know those people who are always happy and just seem to have some kind of charmed life? They know the “secret” to real abundance and it’s not about having more stuff or getting everything you think you want out of life.


Right now, you have everything you need to create a life that is abundant in every way. The problem is, you just dont have the tools to create the life you desire, so you try to live a pale imitation of it by copying someone else and thats not working for you!

I understand this on a deep and personal level because that used to be me… until I discovered the power of MIRACLES to help me create the life I’d been longing for! My time” came and now I want you to experience the same thing.

My name is MarBeth Dunn, and I’ve been a Spiritual Teacher for over 30 years. As an Empath and Intuitive, I feel other people’s energy in MY body, and use this powerful gift to help you break free of the issues keeping you stuck in unproductive patterns. I have mastered and many energy healing techniques and modalities, including Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Touch, EFT, and am a Kundalini Yoga instructor. Over the years, I have coached hundreds of people including attorneys, judges, entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners, entertainers, musicians, marketing and branding experts and a helicopter pilot.

Thirty years ago I lived in Haiti, trapped in a difficult marriage, with extreme asthma, low self esteem and very little self-respect, I felt powerless. One day I realized that by changing my thoughts and my perceptions, the world around me could change as well.


Everything in my life changed for the better.

At that time, all the elements necessary for me to access the SOURCE ZONE, (where miracles occur regularly) fell into place! I became peaceful. All my needs were met. I had discovered the the cornerstones of my Spiritual Wealth Activation System. The key elements to living in MIRACLES, in WEALTH, and PEACE.

When I needed a car, it manifested, an even better one than I could have imagined. When I needed money, It showed up. Even my relationship with my husband transformed and I felt powerful, peaceful and happy, a harmony that lasted for several years. But I still had issues that needed clearing.

I Invested in Myself and Did All The Hard Work

In 2004, my husband and I divorced, and I threw myself into learning Personal Growth, Empowerment training, and Energy Healing techniques and modalities. By 2009, I was happy. I had a successful energy healing practice, a beautiful home on the ocean, and the love of a wonderful man.

But then, disaster struck. On Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart died suddenly of a massive coronary. I was beyond devastated. How could this have happened? 

My happy dream crashed and I was surrounded by the heartbreak emotions of pain, grief, guilt, and sadness. It was almost too much to bear!

I Realized I Had a Choice…

I realized I had a choice. It would have been oh so easy to curl up in a ball of grief. No one would have blamed me… Or I could use the tools I had mastered to release the heartbreak and emotions and move forward.

I chose to move forward. It was not easy. There were days when I was unable to do more than veg on the couch watching TV. But I didn’t look at the overwhelming enormity of my task. As I felt each emotion, I released it, one by one. It wasn’t long before I had released all the powerful heartbreak emotions and I finally felt good again.

That’s when I thought of all the people in the world suffering from pain, grief, guilt, shame. I realized with excitement, that my purpose was to help them move forward, releasing their painful emotions, and replacing their pain with joy.

What if There Was A Short Cut?

You Really Don’t Want to Do The Work
The Hard, Expensive Way, Do You?


fotolia_988469-revIf you know that now is your time, then I invite you to join

Your Miracle Mastermind 12 Month Group Program

Get Unstuck and Magnetize Your Success with Proven Techniques, Strategies and Tactics That Harness the POWER OF MIRACLES to Catapult You Into a Successful Mindset!


Everything starts with mindset… but knowing that and practicing it in a way that causes things in your life to show up differently isn’t the same thing at all!

The fact is, when it comes to mindset, there are things you can proactively do that will help you build your mindset muscle so the life you’ve always envisioned turns into the life you actually live.


In Your Miracle Mastermind Program you will:


  • Attract MIRACLES regularly
  • Experience more prosperity and wealth
  • Have a greater sense of WELL BEING
  • TRUST and KNOW that your needs are ALWAYS met
  • Feel PEACEFUL… even in the midst of chaos
  • Experience a deeper connectedness with Source
  • Take the world OFF your shoulders
  • Experience the world as a loving place
  • Know that you are lovingly guided

PLUS, You will learn to…

  1. Expand Awareness
  2. Be Open to Divine Guidance
  3. Release Judgment
  4. View Life Through New Eyes
  5. Release Old Feelings of Deprivation
  6. See MIRACLES as a Natural Occurrence
  7. Open Your Inspiration Channel
  8. Remember WHO you are
  9. Be Like a Little Child
  10. Discover the KINGDOM inside you
  11. Experience Your Grandest, Most Magnificent Self
  12. Bypass Your Resistance
  13. Release Self Sabotaging Beliefs
  14. Release What No Longer Serves You Including: Anger, Pain, Shame, Guilt, and more
  15. Activate Your Spark
  16. Eliminate the Cause of ALL Lack, Poverty, Fear, Disappointment and Frustration
  17. Move From Victimhood to Prosperity Causation


Now can be your time and now is the time to take action so you start living a life that is rich in all the best ways possible (no, it’s not just about having more money!)

The world can truly be your oyster, you just need support and guidance from someone who has been where you are and now has the tools to help get you to where you want to be.


People who experience the most success in Your Miracle Mastermind 12 Month Program:

  • Accept full responsibility for their thoughts and actions and are ready to embrace what the Universe is offering (no victims allowed!)
  • Are life-long learners who enjoy the voyage of personal growth and self discovery
  • Are tired of not living up to their full potential and are ready to own their big-ness
  • Want to cultivate a deeper sense of love for self and love for others
  • Know they can have a deep and lasting impact on others and are committed to doing the work to make that happen
  • Are ready, willing and able to stay open to a new way of thinking and being so they can ultimately experience a new way of living.

If you’re ready to jump in with both feet and embrace what’s right around the corner waiting for you, then I encourage you to join me in this life changing program today!

Guarantee Your Success and Live a Life FILLED with MIRACLES with
a 12 MONTH Program with MarBeth Dunn


What you will receive in this program:

  • 12 LIVE Monthly Live Magic Miracle Focus Group calls with MarBeth and a group of your peers. Every month we’ll have a new meditation related to the topic of the month. Then, the group will focus intention to attract a miracle for each member of the group. ($3000 value)
  • 12 live, in-depth Mastermind Magic Miracle Support Group calls with MarBeth and a group of your peers, to clear areas where you are stuck, so your life can flow easily, and attract what you desire. ($2500 Value)
  • MP3 recordings of all calls downloadable for easy reference, convenience and so you can add them to your library
  • Private Online Forum to interact with other members, ask questions, get feedback, share resources, support each other and more. Group interaction is highly encouraged, as all members come with their own intuitive skills!
  • 1 Bonus follow up private coaching call with MarBeth ($250 value)


You can keep settling for what you have and don’t really want… OR you can get what you’ve always wanted and never feel like you have to settle again. The choice is yours and I’m here to help you find your true path to abundance so you experience freedom in a way you never thought possible.


Won’t you join me?

$3333 Pay-in-Full Today



3 Payments of $1222 – Today and 30 & 60 days from today

12 Payments of $303 – $303 Today and $303 each month for the next 11 months

About MarBeth..

mbfb-revA gifted Empath (think Body Whisperer),  Intuitive, and Spiritual Teacher, MarBeth, can accurately pinpoint the issues preventing you from living the possibility filled life you richly deserve. She has developed a powerful system to facilitate miracles, and channels information from the deepest recesses of your being so you can release your fear and unlock your spiritual and financial wealth with peace, love, abundance, and Joy.

Creator and host of TheHavingItAllShow #1 podcast in iTunes New and Noteworthy, she has co-authored two best selling books and has been featured on ABC, NBC, Fox and The CW.


Here’s What People Are Saying About MarBeth…

“MarBeth, thank you for all your support and loving kindness during the program. I have come along way since the first day we spoke. My anxiety of many years is almost non existent-that is huge! I am using the tools you shared and re listening to all of our recorded calls to gain deeper insights. There is so much content that is truly valuable to me and what a gift to have access to it. I am sending you a big hug and the highest recommendation for your program. Please share my contact information with anyone who may be on the fence about signing up.”


~Love to you, Linda

“MarBeth lovingly and skillfully navigated me thru issues which were blocking me from living a joy filled authentic life. Each session brought healing and a shift in my energy. I felt totally safe and without doubt knew MarBeth was there to guide, protect, and encourage me thru the process.

MarBeth is a remarkable empath, and a profound teacher who gently helped me to see what needed healing, provided the healing and then taught me invaluable tools for my soul’s evolutionary journey. She helped me gain the real wisdom, the clarity to change my life.

A combination of her laser like intuition, her pinpoint accuracy and mastery of energy work enabled me to have a powerfully transformative experience. I am lighter, happier, and filled with the fruits of “aha” moments!
 I am grateful and blessed for having had the opportunity to work with her. I would work with her again in a heartbeat! I highly recommend her to individuals ready to call in their next, fuller expression of themselves. ”


~ Karen E. San Francisco



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